The Toiyabe Indian Health Project began the Title VI Elders Program in 1985. The Program is largely funded by the Administration of Aging, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services under Title VI funding.

The Title VI Elders Program enhances the health and quality of life for our cherished elders. Activities are based on:

         Ø Healthy diets and eating fresh food

        Ø Exercise and fitness

        Ø Positive community interactions

        Ø Nurturing a strong cultural identity

Eligibility for the Elders Program is for tribal members aged 55 and over residing in the program service area, except members of the Bishop Paiute tribe who have their own program.

The Elders Program staff includes a Program Director and two Title VI Outreach Workers, all of whom are well-known tribal members..

tribal elder

Call 760-872-2622, ext. 277 for more information