Family Services

Toiyabe Family Services proposes to strengthen Indian families and communities by providing professional therapeutic counseling combined with prevention strategies and counseling intervention with a strong emphasis on cultural and traditional activities.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program
• Individual, group and family counseling
• Relapse prevention
• Aftercare services
• Referral to inpatient treatment for adult and youth
• Community and school education presentations/workshops

Mental Health Program
• Individual, family and group therapy
• Therapy for anxiety and depression, trauma, stress, grief and loss
• Art Therapy
• Play Therapy (children)
• Couples counseling

Prevention Program
• Organize drug and alcohol free activities for youth
• Daughters of Tradition groups
• Sons of Tradition groups

Outreach Services
• Counseling and referral services for incarcerated youth and adults
• Respond to referrals from schools, Tribe programs and county agencies

Phone: 760-873-6394 and Fax: 760-873-3254