1968 - The Tri-County Indian Health Project was established under leadership of nine Tribal Governments in the Eastern Sierra.

1969-1975 - Maternal Child Health Funds were used to fund 11 local Indian Health Projects including Toiyabe Indian Health Project (then called Tri-County Indian Health Project). The primary focus was dental care and transportation to Schurz, NV Indian Health Services. The California Rural Indian Health Board (CRIHB) and California Urban Indian Health Council (CUIHC) were also formed at this time.

1975 - SB 52 was passed creating the Indian Health section in the State Department of Health. This allocated 2.5 million dollars to help fund 25 Indian controlled health clinics in California.

1976-1977 - Two major laws were passed directly affecting the delivery of health care to Indian people. 1) The Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act (PL93-638) expanded the right for tribal governments to contract directly with the federal government for services from a position of control over those services; and 2) The Indian Health Care Improvement Act (PL 94-437) provides additional funds for direct services to address the serious unmet health needs.

1978 - The Toiyabe Indian Health Project initiated a direct contract with Indian Health Service for providing health services. Toiyabe, through its Board of Directors, conducted a Tribal Specific Health Plan and identified unmet health needs and goals for its service population.

1992- PL 102-573, Indian Health Care Improvement Act Amendments authorized expansion of the Self-Governance Demonstration for 30 tribes.

1995 - Tribal Self-Governance continues—relationships have been formalized on a government-to-government framework of mutual respect and cooperation between the United States and participating tribes on a tribe-to-tribe basis.