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Toiyabe’s expansion of in-house dental lab services using CEREC CAD-CAM computer and In-Lab Milling Unit

Toiyabe’s acquisition of Sirona Dental Systems computer aided design and manufacturing equipment in March, 2011, i.e. the CEREC CAD-CAM computer and In-Lab Milling Unit, has enabled Toiyabe’s dental department to expand its in-house dental lab services into the manufacturing of inlays, onlays, partial and full crowns, and also cemented fixed bridges dental restorations. The ability to make most of our own complex restorations right here in the Bishop Clinic generally shortens the time that patients have to wait to complete certain types of treatment, often times to one visit vs waiting 3-4 weeks for an outside of the area dental lab to send us a given lab order. The system also gives the dental department direct control of the quality of the restorations, allows us to quickly correct restorations and make modifications as needed, and will in time save Toiyabe a significant amount of annual expenses. Because the lab work is done within Toiyabe’s doors, we are able to offer our direct care patients extensive crown and bridge reconstruction without what would be expensive outside dental lab charges. In summary, with this equipment, we have been able to shorten the time for completion of dental procedures and increase our providers dental services to the community at large, while decreasing our yearly operational costs.

The way it works: the Cerec system is a computer software design center and a prismatic optical camera that takes very high definition digital pictures which combined together allow us to capture images of a patients teeth, including the area of the mouth that needs care and the area of the opposite biting surface. With this information, the Cerec computer software allows the dental staff to design the needed customized restoration (fillings, crowns, etc.). This design information is then transmitted to a machine in our lab that mills out the restoration in various specialized white, tooth shaded, individually matched ceramic materials. There is available a great variety of milling materials with different properties and requirements. The milling machine will also mill out wax or acrylic crown forms for casting our own metal crowns in-house.

To contact our Dental Department to schedule an appointment, please contact (760) 873-3443.