Public Health

Programs in department

  • Outreach Field Health Nursing (PHN & LVNs)
  • Nutrition Services: WIC, Registered Dietician Services, Title VI Elders
  • Nutrition & Support Services
  • Diabetes And Healthy Heart Program
  • Community Health Representatives
  • Injury Prevention Program
Toiyabe Indian Health - WIC Program

The services provided by the Community Health Department primarily focuses on the health of the community as a whole and its individual members. The goals of the department are directed at three health care levels: health promotion, disease prevention and health maintenance. These services cover Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels of care.

Services Provided by Outreach Staff

  • Home visits and follow-up care under the direction of a medical provider and Public Health Nurse. (The Community Health department is not a licensed home health agency, therefore, the home visit services are limited in the level of nursing and CHR services available)
  • Prenatal, postpartum and newborn home visits
  • Diabetic and Hypertension Clinics are offered as scheduled and at designated locations. The ultimate goal of the
  • Toiyabe Healthy Heart and Diabetes program is to promote optimal health outcomes and the quality of life.
  • Toiyabe believes health education is a therapeutic modality.
  • Annual Flu clinics
  • Communicable disease control in collaboration with medical providers, IHS and County Health Departments.
  • Rabies Clinics every year, in coordination with other Indian Health Services.
  • Participation in health fairs and health promotion activities.
  • Health education to individuals, families and community.
  • Medication pickup and delivery, assist patients in medication calendars in collaboration with the pharmacist and medical provider.
  • Provide transportation to and from the nearest Toiyabe facility in accordance with Toiyabe transportation guidelines.
  • Implement health programs approved by the Board for community needs and grant allocations.
  • Provide cooking classes, walking classes, fitness activities to promote healthy lifestyle changes.
  • Screening activities – blood pressures, blood sugars, cholesterol checks.
Phone:760-872-2622 and Fax: 760-873-6362